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While the words elaborate the story, illustrations in a book help your imagination grasp the picture that the author wanted to paint with his words for the world to see. We at Write2Reach have an arsenal of the market’s most polished, gifted, and elite Children’s Book illustration who would be more than happy to incorporate your aesthetic into the book and help add a whole lot of zing to your project.


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Spot Illustration

Spot illustration is the tiny pieces or single piece of illustration drawn on the first or the title page of each chapter to help breathe some life into the text or provide a little more context. It could be basic line art like or a small caricature drawn right above the title of the chapter, which takes up a quarter or lesser portion of the page. They are less expressive and have more to do with just intriguing the reader or enticing their imagination enough to carry on reading.

Half-page illustrations

As the name suggests, half-page illustrations are the illustrations that cover more than a quarter or at maximum half of the page of the book. This kind of illustration usually accompanies words by expressing one of the most intriguing aspects of the story and is not usually confined to the chapter’s title page. It can be a scene, a small introduction to a new character, a minor altercation between the characters that need to be highlighted, etc.

Single page illustrations

Single page illustrations are a powerful tool in book design, offering a visually captivating way to engage readers. These illustrations, placed strategically throughout the book, can provide a visual representation of key themes, characters, or events, enhancing the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the text. Whether they are intricate drawings, vibrant paintings, or striking photographs, single page illustrations have the potential to bring the narrative to life and create a lasting impact on the reader. When thoughtfully integrated, these illustrations can serve as a compelling visual complement to the written content, enriching the overall reading experience.

Spread illustrations

These specific kinds of illustrations are usually spread on both the book’s pages and are usually more expressive and in greater detail than the text at this point is mostly optional. You could say they are like comic books, but rather, an image takes up the whole page than just a small part of the strip.


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Children Book Illustrations Services

Your how’s, what’s, and why’s of children's book Publishing, answered!

Get this: Children’s Book Publishing is no easier task. Of course, the length of the book is relatively short, but précising an idea with a well-instilled message requires multiple rewrites and re-drafts. The goal here is to make your story as easy to visualize as possible. If a reader has to re-read a sentence for better understanding, you probably just missed the whole purpose of Children’s Book Publishing.

Here at Write2Reach we offer you the expertise of a well-put-together team of Children’s Book Publishing experts. From fixing the illustration sizes to designing it with catchy images, our teams know just to make your book every child’s must-have.


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